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N-O Plus

N-O Plus

The world’s newest nitric oxide star ingredient can increase nitric oxide by an astonishing 336% after taking it for one hour.


N-O Plus is designed with FitNox, one of 4 world-patented ingredients. Made with high-tech PNS technology, it can increase nitric oxide in the body by an astonishing 336% within one hour of consumption. Take one sachet a day to help smooth blood circulation, prevent chronic diseases, build muscle strength and experience an energetic day.


Apple Concentrate, Passion Fruits Concentrates, Ginseng Powder, Soy Powder, FitNox® (Moringa oleifera, Pomegranate, Black Ginseng Extract), Xanthan Gum, Lipophytol® (Pine Tree Sterols), Astabio® (Haematococcus Pluvialis Astaxanthin), Kuromanin® (Black Soybean Anthocyanin), Ascorbic Acid.
This product contains soy.

How to Use

Direction for use:
Tear off the sachet and ready to drink.
Take 1 sachet daily before bed for optimum results.

Explore N-O PLUS

Various systems of the human body obtain an array of nutrients, water and oxygen  content from the blood. These substances are used to perform oxidation to generate heat energy to ensure proper function of the system; at the same time, waste produced by metabolism such as carbon dioxide, urea, uric acid and other waste products are discarded into the blood for further processing. These waste products are then transported to the respiratory system and excretory system to be excreted from the body, maintaining the function and chemical properties of the internal body system. This shows the importance of the circulatory system.


As humans age, impurities such as cholesterol, fat, calcium, and more will be deposited  on the inner wall of blood vessels. This phenomenon results in thickened blood, increased blood lipids, narrower blood vessels, and hardening of blood vessel walls. Impurities in blood vessels often presents itself in symptoms such as poor blood flow, insufficient oxygen supply, dizziness, lethargy, high blood pressure, Usually manifested  as poor blood flow, insufficient oxygen supply, causing dizziness, general weakness,  high blood pressure, partial illness in the body, and et cetera. Severe cases of clogged blood vessels may lead to coronary heart disease, cerebral thrombosis and varying cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

N-O Plus

Healthier blood vessels

protect and repair joint cartilage

Prevent chronic diseases

improve gastrointestinal function

Metabolic Detoxification

perform oxidation

Boost immunity and oxygen

Benefits of N-O PLUS

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Get What Inside N-O PLUS

Storage:  Keep in cool and dry place. Stay away from heat and direct sunlight.